Mad, Lover and Poet*

–  Translated by Welkin Seskin

Spilling surfeiting syrup
on the wings of (dragon) fly,
Do not scale my heart this time still.
I will not drown, and never ever again.
Thinking as beloved
the Moon shinning on the lake
I am not like the protagonist
of the Hellenic myth.
The propose lies distant.
Gripping the illusion
through seeing of big twists
out of shape
I will not route myself
through the precipice apex
bond of notion.
For your outright denial
I will also not build sturdy cells
for your genial acceptance, co-wisdom
and even sightedness.
In the free parterre of phantasm,
may the turnkeys and hangmen
brocade search-warrant against me
I will not agree at all.
If they declare me crazy for not obeying,
Come, listen one poem:
An existence, a consciousness and bliss,
A unique love!
And, place behind bars
billows of spontaneous cloud
at variance in the skies.

*A translated poem from Ram Prasad Prasain (Pagal, premi ra kavi)

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