My name is Nepal
I am beautiful with many mountains
gorgeous with many fountains
politics is my bad offspring
it does business here.
I am still silent
for I am a mom
it has ripped me a lot
the wounds are paining
scars are getting deeper
but still they are deaf
they do business their.
I do have some good kids too
but bad has the louder voice
i never dreamed this day
what can i do,this is not my choice
offspring too become so bad
they kick their mom and take care of their hat
oh it pains ,they do business here.
I wish i were a little bold
so that i could have smashed the bad and save the gold
its a pity I am paining
they are rejoicing and they are gaining
for whom can i tell my pain
so here i am crying again. 
Anju Subedi (Santiago)

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