The East Setting Sun*

From the narrow pass—Sanguri Bhanjyang
Beneath horizon
The Rising Sun
Pops out warming up the chill body
The Vanishing shelter of snails and shells
Like unkept promises of Lizard’s story
In the rustic slums of Rautes and Kamaiyas
The lawns are festering into dense forests
Nights are alight somewhere
Days are ghastly dark somewhere else
Alighted nights are twinkling
On the eyes of owls and bats

The eyes of humanity
Shimmering into the
Semi-darkness of day

The semi-darkness exists indiscriminately
Dead ones are mummified in the Pyramids
And happening to be observant of New Era

The herd of petrified alive men attends
From the hillocks of Dolpali slopes
From the Red Base

The Sun of New Era is coming up
With the heard myths of Dinosaurs
Slowly and steadily
The Sun is setting down
Towards farther East in Dolpa

On its own land
The Lining Tower intensely
Reading the civilizational epochs
Since time immemorial

Stepping further and further
On the ladder of insights
Our homely demigods are staging down
And Water-gods are on the verge of death
On the waste land
Having born the Grand myths of the Pandavas
Slowly and steadily
The Sun is setting down
In the hamlet of indigenous—
Satars and Mushars

Speaks and plays the same
In the search of Swan
The Time’s flying

Truly truths are embedded with untruly truths
Statues and images are babbling
The Absurdity—Veerupakshya is increasing day by day
Pondering at the river edge—Bagmati
Getting deeper and deeper everyday
In search of TRUTH
Tears of Crocodile rolling down
I’m seeing the latent stories of many migrant animals
With rolling tears on the ground a new story is written
And earth-worms and termites start to read their history
On the surface and on their lands

Slowly and steadily
The Sun is setting down
Towards farther East in its own land

*The very poem is translated from poet and friend Deep Raj Neyonghang’s nepali poem “Purvatir astaundai gareko gham”.

– Ram Prasad Prasain

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