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—Ram Prasad Prasain ram_parsain@yahoo.com 

Literature defines life in vast, various, vivid and vivacious manners nearly in all moods. Henceforth, life demands aesthetic sensibility. It demands test, trial and turbulence to ponder, realize and understand diverse spectrums of life. 

Literature deserves to be mirror of society, vanguard of civilization, bearer of culture and reflection of human sentiment. It helps bring the worlds into words where spirit of time, space and situations are delineated. 

Literature has varieties to serve many minds, quench many thirsts and mould minds in million. Poetry, story, novel, drama, autobiography, fiction or non-fiction, etc., are business of literary writing. Texts are reflective of contexts, and the contexts are embedded from the range of poetics to politics, story to history and metaphorical representation to semeological pragmatism. 

Good times and bad times are represented with human sentiments and feelings in almost writings. Art also represents happiness and sorrows. Sun and shade are integral part of human existence. Humanity escapes not from such inevitability. Literature helps us how to cope with the tragedy of life, associate with delightful moments and liberalize our egos for proliferation of peace, prosperity, mercy, forgiveness and civic consciousness from our hearths to global home.

Creativity, uniqueness, philosophy, ideology and socio-cultural issues are trend and tendency for literature by then and now. Form and content play a vital role in writing. Sometimes these two elements competes each other for marking lines of demarcation on their priority. The autocratic rules of alchemy are dead and defunct now. Truth has been converted into ‘truths’ as grandnarratives to ‘mininarratives’. Plurality has ruled upon singularity.

To have an epic way of life, there is no more recommendation to be superman and heroic frenzy. Everybody is normal and superman. Every person has big or small story, good or bad story and successful or failed story. Our times represent inclusiveness and democratic mindset. Epics on ethics and ethnics are equally adorable, readable and thoughtful with our epochal reality.

Literature touches, searches and delivers inner voice of humanity. Individual perception and collective consciousness, times, climes, spirits and epochs speak silently and saliently from ages to ages continuously. Authorial belongingness and reader’s background walk paralleled sometimes and collide each other for other times. Consciousness of both parties should meet at certain contact zone or pivotal landmark.

Social responsibility should experience in every piece of literary creations. Emotive, refractive, reflexive and reflective ethos, pathos and sensibilities emerge from the core of literary goodness. We are living at the age of civil journalism, mass communication, verbalism, reader’s receptive attitude, personal aptitude of mythmaking, and corporate readership of ideas.

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